Tommaso Balbo di Vinadio

Improve your skills and motivation so as to get a cool job!

Overview: One of the things I enjoy the most is about unleashing people potential. I regularly run a career coaching program focused on getting a job that is fit with your passion and talent!

Services: My services include comprehensive career coaching session (1 month) as well as specific and tailored job services such as Cover Letter or CV critique and rewrite (1-2 hours).

Background: Building on my experience while in the US and in particular in Cambridge (Harvard), my friends and I created a center dedicated to help young people find a job that is in line with their potential (passion + talent). See

Many researches in the US have shown that a high percentage of employees are actually frustrated with what they do at work. After researches I conducted myself, I came to realize that very often the problem lies in the fact that many people do not know well what they are good at and passionate about and they do not look for jobs on that basis.

Given that work constitutes a big chunk of our lives, I strongly believe it is of utmost importance to find a job we are passionate about. Even in the wake of an economic crisis, I believe this is possible: the most important think being to better understand yourself and your emotional intelligence and to be strategic and entrepreneurial!