Tommaso Balbo di Vinadio

How might we improve service delivery in Tunisia through participation of the users?


Participation is innovation: involving users in project design, development and evaluation is key to understand users/customers needs and develop products and services more in line with what they want. This is what private sector has been doing for quite some time, whereas in the public sector there are not many examples of a more participatory process to interact with users.

This is even more important and pressing in the case of Tunisia where citizens have never been “in the driver seat” to help government deliver better services. Especially after the Arab spring, citizen’s expectations are high as they expect a positive change in the government to get better services.

The government initiative supported by the World Bank and UNICEF aims to help the "Control General des Services Publics" (CGSP) to conduct participatory evaluations on key service delivery. Whether the short-term objective is to involve civil society in evaluating service delivery, the long-term objective is to help the government deliver better services on the basis of citizen’s inputs.