Tommaso Balbo di Vinadio

Development specialist, entrepreneur, lecturer.

I am a development specialist, instructor and entrepreneur with 15 year of work experience who currently lives in Paris. He advises international
organizations (in particular, the World Bank) and governments in Africa, Asia and Europe on issues related to public sector innovation, Monitoring & Evaluation,
governance, leadership, knowledge and change management and the use of IT.

I started my career working on international development by designing, implementing and evaluating development projects mainly in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe working in several international organizations and NGOs. He spent 5 years working with the World Bank in Washington, DC working on many public sector projects. The experience working with the World Bank and with governments all over the world helped me learn more about development issues but also gave me an opportunity to better understand the organizational and leadership problems government and organizations face in order to work efficiently and more innovatively.

I strongly believe that innovation and creativity are the key for organizations to remain competitive and survive in today’s environment, given the complex challenges they have to face. After leaving DC, I became an innovation evangelist by researching and working on instilling innovative ideas and creativity into organizational processes and on making people more entrepreneurial. While continuing to advise the World Bank as well as governments, I started working at a Paris startup where he is learning about how to practically do innovation and started also teaching innovation and design at two universities: SciencesPo’s Paris School of International Affairs and the Paris College of Arts.

I hold a MA in Governance and Development from IDS at Sussex University, UK (ranked as number 1 university in the world in development studies in 2015) and professional certificates from several universities on evaluation and development (IPDET/Carlton, Canada) and leadership (Harvard, US). In parallel to that, I keep learning by observing, experimenting and trying new approaches himself as his firm belief is that the best way to learn is to “learn by doing”.